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My Houzz: Color and Comfort in Upstate New York (27 photos)

Amanda Crames considers finding her home “a real Miracle on 34th Street moment.” She drove by when visiting the area and fell in love with the old house and beautiful property, which boasts views of Vermont’s Green Mountains. “I turned…

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Room of the Day: An Outdoor Space for Living and Playing (9 photos)

Conventional wisdom says that good design can solve the most intractable of problems, but when the issue involves turning a small, overgrown garden into an outdoor room where there’s lounge seating for adults, a grill area and a playspace for…

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Chicago Design Student Revamps Homeless Signs

(Photo by Oriez)

Chicago design student Ian Todd is getting attention for his attempts to help people who are often invisible to many city-dwellers. The 23-year-old, who’s a student at the Chicago Portfolio School, which focuses on advertising…

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How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Summer Fruit Flies (5 photos)

It’s a common problem: You walk into your kitchen one day to find it buzzing with pesky little fruit flies zipping about your fruit bowl, or worse, floating lifeless in your guest’s glass of red wine. You’re not a slob,…

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How to Savor Your Beautifully Imperfect Home (11 photos)

As someone who looks at a great deal of photos of beautifully designed homes every day, I know how the pangs of design cravings have the potential to overwhelm. Even three years after moving into our first home, my to-do…

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Great Design Plant: Thalictrum Dasycarpum Dresses Up Shorelines (6 photos)

Tall meadow-rue (Thalictrum dasycarpum) is a wide-ranging native perennial, occurring along rivers, creeks and small bodies of water and in other habitats with moist soil. It has a tall, upright form, and large cream-colored flower heads and interestin...

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