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Bring the Surf Inside With Big Beach Photos (10 photos)

From design magazines to bloggers’ homes, oversize and artsy photographs of beach scenes have been popping up everywhere lately. These shots tend to feature a view of the beach from a distance, which allows the focus to be on the…

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To-Dos: Your August Home Checklist (8 photos)

In August, beach days and summer vacations give way — however much we wish they wouldn’t — to the return of school and work. From boosting home security to prepping weeknight dinners in advance, these nine to-dos will help keep…

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Houzz Call: Home Farmers, Show Us Your Edible Gardens (5 photos)

Edible gardens flourish during the summer, and farmers markets seem to overflow with fresh fruits and vegetables. We want to know — what does your edible garden look like right now? Are your herbs, vegetables and fruits thriving? Do you…

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