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Can Street Performers Reclaim Harvard Square?

(Photo by Infrogmation)

Outdoor buskers and other performers took to Cambridge’s City Hall to express concern over the city’s fading outdoor entertainment scene, which once attracted a wide array of artists to spaces such as Harvard Square. The…

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Uber’s Passenger Info Linked to Improving Transportation Equity

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Amid Uber’s more memorable clashes with municipal government is the summer battle with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio over the Mayor’s move to slow the boom of such ride-service companies. While the de Blasio…

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Having a Design Moment: The Bedroom (15 photos)

Those decorating moves that make you pause and study; feel happy or surprised; or, if you’re in someone else’s home, admire and feel envy — those are all design moments. Throughout a happy home, there are special details everywhere —…

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Neighboring Studio Becomes a Crash Pad for Guests (6 photos)

Gabriel Flores and husband Thomas often host their families from Mexico and Nebraska, sometimes for months at a time. As the couple have been living in a one-bedroom condo for 16 years, their guests had to settle into a life…

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8 Bay Area Cities Push for Minimum Wage Raise

San Jose and seven other Bay Area cities are banding together around equitable pay. (Photo by Jason Rowe/Flickr)

Eight Bay Area cities are joining forces to push minimum wage reform and help combat the vast economic disparities in…

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